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Topics at a Glance

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my site. I invited you to this page because I feel it’s a good place for you to start especially if you’re a new visitor. It’ll give you an overview of the topics that you can find here at WebDesignPeeps.com.

Of course, I don’t want to present it to you as a series of random links that you can just simply click. There is some simple logic in place on here. I have divided it into two guides: a quick guide and a comprehensive guide; just to make it easier for you.

Quick Guide

Have you finally decided that you want to create your own website? Do you like to get started straight away? These three steps will get your first website up in a day.

  1. Choose a Great Domain Name
  2. Find a Good Web Hosting Company
  3. Install a Ready-Made Website Script

You only have to follow these 3 simple steps to get you started right away. And you can have the same site up and running just like mine. However, if you want a more detailed information, read my comprehensive guide as listed below.

Comprehensive Guide

If you want to build a website from scratch, this comprehensive how-to guide has a 5 stage approach as listed below:

  1. How to Research your Web Project
  2. How to Plan your Website Project
  3. How to Use WordPress for your New Website
  4. How to Guide on Website Promotion
  5. How to Maintain a Website

The 5 Stage Process Broken Down into Subtopics:

Each stage is further broken down into subtopics for a more focussed discussion.

1. Research

2. Planning

3. Using WordPress

4. Website Promotion 

5. Maintenance

Intermediate Topics: Not for Newbies

I have made these topics and articles available for some of my readers who already have some experience in web design and development. Feel free to explore them and let me know if there are anything else you would like me to add.

1. Website Layout Design Guide

2. Learn How to Code

3. Website Pre-Launch Checks

If you get lost navigating my site, always visit the start here link on the menu above to take you back to this page. This page contains the list of topics and subtopics that you can find on my website and I will update it on a regular basis. Alternatively, the articles link above lists all the posts in this website.