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Tips for Effective Content Writing

Website Content 31/08/2017

When a review or an informative article has to be published, at times displaying only factual data reminds the readers they are on a science website that shows abstracts containing complicated terms too complex for the average reader. Writing an article can be dry when it is too technical and too factual making it look like a Wikipedia post. Below are some tips to improve content writing making articles more fascinating to the readers:

Be first (Individuality)
It may be difficult to be first in the know but what is meant here is to be first in presenting something new in a unique way. For example, introducing blogging to the generation that didn’t have blogging can be a new way to present such topic rather than presenting blogging in general as many sites and even Wikipedia have posts on what blogging is all about. Be the first in presenting information differently. It can be through new writing techniques, targeting another market, using media not usually used, and through upbeat writing. Be innovative and take that extra step to show what the article is all about.

Proper Media Integration
Although many sites do show a picture or two about what is being written, it is still not wise to put too many pictures just to make the site more effective. What it’s doing is just polluting the post with too much information–many of which are deemed unnecessary by readers. Instead, choose wisely what to integrate. Look for unique shots that would show something different about the topic. If it is possible, the writer should take his/her own photos and post it to give the article a personal feeling which usually lets the readers know that “the writer took the time and effort to show this picture for me.”

It has been stated in media integration but this deserves its own subsection. When readers feel the article was not written in a generic form, they take it personally to heart as if the article was tailor-made for them. Of course, this is easier said than done. Writing in a way that everyone can understand while personalizing it are daunting tasks. All readers are silently asking is that hint the writers care about them. By adding just a sentence that breaks away from the formality of the post, granting it does not ruin the article, takes that step towards personalization.

Jam Pack with Enthusiasm and Examples; Not so on Details
The mistake of first-time content writers is to have too many details in one article. This can lead to a broken train of thought or a simple wreck. Discerning which information is useful and necessary to the readers is a skill each writer must possess for a writer can write so many things but without choosing what is important makes the writer a nagger. Instead, a content writer must focus on important facts and fill it with enthusiasm for it is, most probably, something new and innovative. Include examples to further empower the readers to understand the points in the article. Deliver it not with factual dullness but with realistic vivacity.

Get the Facts Straight
This gets overlooked sometimes where the writer has all the facts he/she needs yet among them all could lie a big lie. Before writing, ensure the facts have been laid out and if it has already been published by others, ensure the information to be reused is accurate and credible. Nobody wants to read heresy about this technology and that technology. Even ignorant opinions should be avoided. Verify the facts and following up using an opinion based on the facts are good steps toward an effective content article.

Funny Lines
It can be effective to start and end with a funny line. At times, sarcasm plays a role in effective content writing but this can be done when one has more experience.  However, adding humor can be done immediately but must be appropriate. This can be written in the various figures of speech (i.e. simile, metaphor) that takes a jab at the article’s topic yet in the end must conclude the funny lines.

Social Media Integration
Last but never the least, social media integration like having a share and tweet button can improve the overall writing. Yes, the content and the way it is written can be more effective when readers can share to their friends what the writer has written. Nothing can have a more profound result than the increase in viewership through sharing.

These steps should improve writing content that is not only effective but also entertaining to the readers. While some can be tricky to implement, others are quite easy. The only way to find out for sure if one is an effective content writer is to keep at writing developing using these tips.

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