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Directory of Website Designers & Developers

This is a directory listing of web designers and website developers. The directory list is arranged according to service providers location.

The nature of developing websites means the developer doesn’t necessarily need to be in the exact same place where you live in. Some clients hire a developer according to their popularity. However, other clients still prefer to get someone closer to where they live in. This give them the reassurance that they can meet them personally when the need arise without the hassle of taking a long journey to make it happen.

Either way, you can just click one of the locations that is most suitable to your need. You can then choose from the list of providers shown on that particular area that you have selected thereafter.


Finding a Web Design Company or Freelance Developers via our Web Directory Listing

A considerable number of prospective website owners opt to find a web developer/designer. Hiring a web designer/developer enables them to get their first website project up and running much quicker.

However, it is important that both parties agree on the details of the service to be provided. The website project scope document article discusses this in more detail. It explores the following:

  • It is important that the designer/developer shares your overall goals and objectives.
  • Payment Terms – Ensure that the project fee fits your budget.
  • Timetable – Agree on a timetable for the website design/development to be finished.
  • Provision for ammendments. How many times can you request for minor design alterations without incurring additonal fees?
  • Ownership of the Website – Contracting a web developer to provide a website for the business does not automatically vest ownership rights in the site or the source code.

All the best in your venture!