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Hello Peeps! Welcome to WebDesignPeeps.com. You’re here bexause you’ve finally decided that there really is a need for a website. However, you find yourself stuck with the chore of how you can make it happen. You asked your family and friends and you also searched online.

And then you found this site. An online go-to resource for those looking to complete their website project.

Purpose of WebDesignPeeps.com

WebDesignPeeps is my attempt to help people out who are currently in the same boat as I was back then. Back in the day, when I didn’t know anything about building my own website. I’ll tell you what I did to make it work. But I will show you where I failed too, so that you won’t do the same mistakes that I did before.

What I’m sharing here is based from my own experience. And I hope it will be of use to you. I don’t really expect anything in return. However, if you find it useful, I appreciate it if you tell your friends and families about my site. I’d rather gain online recognition from having helped with your website project

What’s My Story?

I’m a 41 year old guy from England with a beautiful wife and two lovely kids. Just to be clear, I’m not one of those guys you’ve read on other sites that claim they make a six digit income off the internet each year. I have an offline job where I get my income from.

A few years ago, I had a desire of creating my own site. It was sparked by a website I stumbled upon which claimed to make a living off the internet. Thereafter, a few other websites I visited had also attested to earning a decent regular income online. I was so impressed by it, I decided to have a go myself. With an “if they can do it, I can do it too” attitude, I started to work on my own site!

I learnt the hard way – it wasn’t easy to build a site. There were so many wasted time, effort and money! How I wished I knew about WordPress the moment it came out.

I did actualy made money off my websites. But it was actually the skills and experience that I gained out of it that made it more worthwile Something that noone can ever take away from me!

So Where Do You Start?

If you are planning to start your first website, I was in the same situation before as well. I did a lot of online reading so I can have a crack at creating my own site. The problem then and even more so right now is that the internet is full of information related to web design and development. It’s so easy to get lost.

I find that some writers seem to contradict themselves with their posts, information seems to be all over the place, it’s not enough or way too much! With the exception of a few main articles, my strategy is to provide you with just enough information per post. I did it this way so that it’s easily digested but thorough enough to be of use to you. To start your journey, visit my Topics: content at a glance section to explore my site. Happy reading!

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