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3 Best WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Responsive!

Stage 3: WordPress Guide 03/12/2012

To make your website more mobile-friendly, there are several free WordPress plug-ins available on the internet. These plug-ins not only work on the latest WordPress version, but they could also be used without having to re-register or be installed on the development server, and more importantly, offers mobile-device detection mechanisms.

Why use mobile-friendly website in the first place, you might ask. Well, as you might already know, people are often shifting to using their small hand-held devices as it allows them to virtually do everything that a desktop PC or Laptops make them do. For example, people not only connect with the internet and browse internet, but they also use it to chat, buy products online, and create applications on the fly.

Do we need to mention the fact that mobile device really makes people to be more mobile, instead of having to sit behind their desk, at their office or home? In addition, mobile devices are popular because of its portability – just slip it inside your jacket pocket and frisk it out whenever you want it.

3 Best WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Responsive!

So why not make your WordPress site more mobile-friendly, right?

Well, if you’re reading till now, then you’ve probably saw a good value in it. So let’s get back into business. How do we make your website compatible with hand-held devices, including smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets … then?

Well, you’ll require using few free WordPress plug-ins as I’ve mentioned earlier. While there are many free plug-ins plaguing the internet, we’ve done the tedious task for you and finally pruned down those list to only three best WordPress plug-ins to make your site mobile-friendly.

1. WP Mobile Detector

To quickly adapt your website with small-screen devices, there’s a simple WordPress plug-in called WP Mobile Detector, which you can download and install its free version through the WordPress official site.

The special feature of this amazing mobile-detector plugin is that unlike other plugin that target only few gadgets, WP Mobile detector supports not only 100 or even 1000, but a whopping 5,000 web-enabled cells, smartphones, iPhones, and tablets in the market.

And other features including the WP Mobile detector is not less impressive. For example, the plugin also comes along with 9 different themes. Likewise, the content and the images are also automatically re-sized according to its target device to display it correctly. In addition, the free WordPress plugin also supports WordPress widgets, provides statistics about website traffics by recording web page access, and more importantly, you can also create a multilingual site to target locals and natives that don’t understand and speak English.

To enable real-time interaction, a professional edition of the WP Mobile detector is available from the ‘Websitez.com’ costing $49.95, however, if you’re not willing to buy this plugin before testing out, then a free plugin is readily available from the WordPress.org site.

2. WordPress Mobile Pack

This free WordPress plugin is readily available from WordPress.org site. But before you go on and download the plugin, I want you to consider its pros and cons first.

The good news is that WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete plugin that not only converts your non-mobile website into responsive website, but also gives you a full control over to you.

The domain mapping and the user agent actually detects the most popular hand-held devices before displaying the content on it. In addition to that, it includes an Elegant theme, although it comes in four different colors.

The bad news is that it has got an overwhelming array of options available across multiple pages that might puzzle out beginner WordPress users.

The WordPress Mobile Pack is free and is available to download and install from WordPress.org site.

3. WordPress MobilePress

Finally, the final WordPress plugin to make your website mobile-friendly is WordPress MobilePress. The author who developed the plugin claims that the plugin only works for version up to 2.8.6, but we didn’t have any problems so far using it on the latest WordPress version.

MobilePress is a simple plugin and doesn’t try to overwhelm its users as it only provides few important options to turn your website into a responsive web design.

Here’s another interesting thing we found out about the WordPress MobilePress. It’s not only simple to use, but to test also as the plugin forces your site to switch to mobile view rather than using the actual mobile-device, and more importantly, domain mapping.

Here’s good news for web developers and regular users as well. The plugin also contains two mobile-friendly themes, but looking at these two themes, I couldn’t really figure out the difference. However, if you’ve time and creative juices flowing inside your brain, then you can certainly develop your own version.

The WordPress MobilePress plugin is free and is available from WordPress.

Summary of 3 Best WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Responsive!

To make your WordPress site responsive, we’ve included three best WordPress plugins and discussed why you should you use them. This plug-ins are not only free, but they also target most popular hand-held devices, includes free themes, and are simple not to overwhelm a not-every-day WordPress users.


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